Because photos can't tell the whole story


Live painting is becoming more and more popular as couples seek out new ways to make their weddings unique and their memories magical. 

Think of live wedding painting as part product and part performance. When it's all over you'll get a beautiful painting of your most special day. While I paint throughout the day and evening, you and your guests will be invited to watch my progress.

Why have me paint your wedding if you've already got a photographer? Because wedding painting is less about recording information and more about capturing the magic. When I paint your wedding I have the opportunity to enhance, interpret, maybe even re-arrange the elements a little bit so they capture the spirit of your love in a way that nothing else can.



If you think you might like to have me paint your wedding, contact me and let's get the conversation going! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have, explain the process, etc. We can discuss my availability for your wedding date, where your wedding will be, pricing, and any other logistical details. If it seems like a good fit, I will book you on my calendar and request a deposit for half of the total.

Before your wedding, at a time of your choosing, we will talk about what moment of your wedding day you'd most like me to capture. Do you want me to capture the first kiss, the reception, your first dance? Something else? It's totally up to you.

Once you decide we can talk in general terms about where at the location you might like me to set up my easel on the day. You can locate me in a place that's as hidden or as visible as you like. And this is probably a good place to mention that I'll be dressed appropriately for a wedding and that my work space and easel will be neat, clean, and well-organized (within reason, of course).

In most cases I will arrive at your wedding a couple of hours early to set up and even begin the rough sketches of your painting (of course you and your guests won't be filled in until stuff starts to actually happen). This just helps me get a jump on the composition so that I can spend the rest of the evening painting in you and your guests!

If your chosen moment is the ceremony, I will set up and paint there but then move to the reception and work there for the duration. Because I'm usually considered part of the entertainment for the evening, you and your guests are of course invited to watch my progress as I paint.

At the end of the reception I will "present" you with your painting. Does this mean it's finished? Sometimes it does. And sometimes, not quite. Because I'm picky and I want your painting to be the best it can be, there's always the possibility that I'll decide to take it back to my studio and finish up some of the details, then give it to you in 1-2 weeks. I want every painting to be absolutely the best I can make it.



My pricing for a live wedding painting depends on two factors: the size canvas you'd like me to paint and the location of your wedding. 

Canvas sizes and prices are as follows:

  • 16 x 20, $1200

  • 18 x 24, $1600

  • 24 x 30, $2000

  • 24 x 36, $2300

Travel fees are based on miles from Wimberley, Texas:

  • 0 - 50 miles (includes the greater Austin area), no fee

  • 51 - 250 miles (includes Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antinio, and Houston), $350

  • >251 miles, contact me for a quote



I'd love to talk to you about painting your wedding. My calendar usually fills up pretty quickly, so contact me as soon as you can. Any of these options work great:




Thanks for submitting!